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ExtremeMakeover/HomeEdition season 5 , Season Finale, New Orleans.

In 1998 Pastor Willie Walker, who has been serving the needy community in New Orleans for 60 years, came to Noah's Ark Missionary Baptist Church. Willie has dedicated his life to helping people who are most in need - addicts, AIDS patients, the homeless and the poor -- and has become a local hero to his congregation and community, acting as a father figure to those headed down the wrong path and making everyone feel equal and welcome. When Katrina hit, after Willie made sure his own family was safe, he risked his life by going back to the devastation time and time again to help rescue hundreds and save many lives. When he finally returned to the church, he found it totally destroyed by the flood waters. For two years, Willie continued to work tirelessly to help the victims of Katrina, but has not been able to rebuild his beloved church. Now, the crew of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" will rebuild this church and provide not just a place of worship for this congregation, but a refuge for the entire community.

Installation of a custom Haiku Chandelier.

Working in a Collaboration with Hans Duus Blacksmith, we installed this 5 foot diameter by 6 foot high "Haiku" chandelier in the Missionary Baptist Church in Jefferson Parish, New Orleans.
This was one of the first "Double Builds" for ABC's Hit TV show where they worked on two buildings at once for one show. We worked on the church and installed this massive chandelier.