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Luster Glass has always been rare and coveted.  In the late 1920s, when Tiffany & Co. decided to discontinue their line of art glass and Steuben Glass was sold to Corning Glass, the ability to make prized, luminous, hand-blown Luster Glass was lost.  The process had been so secretive and segmented that no one person knew how to do everything to make a finished lustrous piece, except for Fredrick Carder.

The method of making it has been rediscovered by Master glass blower, Rick Strini, who works from his private studio in Maui , creating beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces every year.

Rick creates a unique hot glass color palette for each piece and personally signs each one as it is finished in a cooling furnace. Strini is rare among glass artists in that he controls the process from beginning to end. Using no molds, Strini free forms each piece using total control.

A walk through Strini’s gallery is mesmerizing as his Luster glass pieces shimmer in the light, reflecting new patterns and paths adding to the art’s uniqueness. Fluid, elegant silhouettes and vibrant translucent colors combine with iridescent copper and gold. Delicate classic designs are appliquéd on artful vessels that are magically one color inside and another on the outside.

In other more contemporary styles, Strini captures air bubbles within the glass that delight the eye and reflect the light from every angle. His newest lines feature vibrant and subtle motifs and are inspired by underwater life and sea forms. These new pieces, since they are one-of-a-kind, are already strong collectibles.