About Rick Strini

The story about how my business got started.

Rick Strini is recognized as one of the country’s best glass blowers. His distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces have graced the White House and have been exhibited in several museums, including the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Working from his private studio in Maui , he has delighted art lovers and collectors alike with his stunning custom-designed vases, bowls, glasses and stemware.

Fifty five + years ago,  while investigating the Potters wheel and throwing pottery I caught a glimpse of some glass blowing and it really grabbed my interest.  An older brother at the time was doing some glass at the college level so this influenced me.  I would sneak in to the college and watch what was going on.  A teacher friend who I would eventually go to junior college, to study pottery with, also had a small blowing studio set up.  Eager to learn and tired of sitting watching the fun in the glass studio, I set out to build my own studio.  The first one in my parents back yard in suburbia circa 1964-65, proved quite rewarding and prosperous.   I slowly learned some techniques and garnered some artistic products which I immediately sold.  

I started taking all the glass to the local week end Art Sales around 1965-66 and the glass began to outsell the pottery.  Soon  the pottery was gone  to make room for the more successful art glass.  With profits from Art Glass at the Renascience Pleasure Faire, I bought my first home studio in Santa Cruz, calif.  where I stayed for 30 years.  At that time Santa Cruz was the hot bed of contemporary glass so I opened a couple of different showrooms.  

After the tragedy of 911, with the decline of the galleries across the US,  I decided to start custom lighting with art glass.  This proved to be a good move and continued to allow me to do more artistic work and less production.

I moved to Hawaii in the year 2000 and set up my hot shop on Maui.  The up and down economy, the recession and other awful situations besides covid, have changed my life, but as artists, we move forward.  In 2012 I became involved with a local co-op of 8 incredible artists at the Maui Crafts Guild, in downtown Paia. This is my public showroom for my blown glass,  my fused  and slumped glass and now my ceramics. After 21 years,  I have now relocated my glass shop and while setting it up I have been re mastering my long ago ceramic career .  I have set up a pottery and hand building section in my glass shop. I am selling my pottery at our CoOp the Maui Crafts Guild.   I continue to do “custom” work in glass lighting, sculpture and ceramics.  Strini Art Glass and Ceramics, is alive and well in 2022.  

Celebrating my 58th year in ceramics and glass and still working independently passionately as well as playing in the ocean and wing foiling daily.  Me and my dogs Duke and Bella.  

Educational Background

  • A.A. Degree, Art, San Jose City College 1968
  • B.A. Degree, Ceramics, San Jose State University 1970
  • M.A. Degree, Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley 1971
  • Vice-President, Association of San Francisco Potters 1971
  • Juror, 25th Annual San Francisco Art Festival 1971

Joe Hawley has been a professor of ceramic art at San Francisco State University for over 30 years. He has exhibited his work in ceramics and glass throughout the United States, and in Italy. He has won numerous awards, and his work is held in several museum collections.

Joe was instrumental in my developing career as a ceramic student ,artist,  as well as introducing me to glass, which changed my career path.  I am forever grateful for the friendship and teacher student relationship to glass and clay.  

Visiting me in Hawaii in 2022