Glass Table Lamps with LED Lights

Instill a sense of warmth and intrigue within any space with our eclectic glass table lamp collection. These one-of-a-kind creations are the perfect statement piece for a variety of design schemes, including art deco, bohemian, contemporary, urban, and beyond. Regardless of their placement, these head-turning works of art are an immediate conversation starter.

Our glass living room table lamps are the pinnacle of functional artwork. While the LED lights illuminate the surrounding space, they simultaneously express their brilliant design patterns in stunning detail. Meanwhile, the colors blend seamlessly into one another, creating a mesmerizing look with an unmistakable appeal from any angle.

As you browse the collection, take note of how the wavy, ribbed, laced, and bubbly surfaces each encapsulate a unique personality with a dreamlike aura. Despite their majestic nature, each glass table lamp brings familiarity and comfort to onlookers from all walks of life.

The features and characteristics that set these marvelous pieces apart include:

  • Elaborate depth: Made to be appreciated by everyday guests and experts alike
  • Purposefully shaped: Designed to shine an outward light while radiating inward beauty
  • Handmade excellence: Forged with traditional tools and techniques
  • Renowned artist: Crafted by the 55-year glassblowing master Rick Strini

As you admire our glass living room table lamps, envision one of these expertly-crafted creations within your living space. Between their dazzling colors and the soft light they emulate, these authentic pieces immediately elevate their surroundings. We invite you to place your order today and discover the Strini Art Glass difference firsthand.

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