Custom Made Rondel Glass Chandeliers

Throughout designer interior spaces, eloquent living room chandeliers are the epitome of luxury. The difference that these marvelous pieces make is readily apparent from the moment guests and residents alike step into the space. Our selection of Rondel Glass chandeliers offers head-turning sophistication with uncompromising quality.

Within our collection, each custom piece is designed to perfectly illuminate large spaces while complementing the surrounding furniture and architecture as a detailed and attention-grabbing work of art. From flowering spirals to blossoming coral, the possibilities for these pieces are truly limitless. All the while, the layered coloring technique brings newfound depth to any space.

Designed with intention using traditional Italian glassblowing techniques, these Rondel Glass chandeliers deliver a timeless look that radiates modern opulence. Whether you’re striving for a class regal interior or a stunning contemporary aesthetic, these colorful pieces go beyond all expectations. The result is an immediate conversation starter at the pinnacle of design excellence.

Here are some of the features underscoring our work:

  • Exceptional depth: With intricate layers and coloration, every angle is made to inspire
  • Unique illumination: Our Rondel Glass chandeliers bring luxe illumination to any space
  • Custom-blown: These expertly crafted masterpieces cannot be found elsewhere
  • Experience-backed: Made by the acclaimed artist Rick Strini, a 55+ year glassblowing expert

With personalization for every taste, our living room chandeliers are the hallmark of luxury homes, galleries, and event spaces alike. They serve as an immediate conversation starter for onlookers. Explore what’s possible with a custom work of art only from Strini Art Glass.

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