Hand-Blown Cabernet Wine Glasses

With an expansive array of shapes, colors, and finishing touches, our red stem wine glasses are a welcomed complement to the finest wines from around the world. Whether that’s a traditional Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux or a bold Cabernet Franc from Tuscany, these sophisticated creations are a must for any devoted wine connoisseur.

From decadent goblets to diamond cabernet wine glasses, our collection at Strini Art Glass includes a detailed array of hand-blown textures for every taste. Each piece encapsulates distinct characteristics with a truly unique personality that cannot be found elsewhere.

As you explore our options, we encourage you to envision yourself surrounded by good company as you enjoy the iconic bottle that has been waiting patiently on your shelf for a special occasion. When the time comes, these pristine cabernet wine glasses are worthy recipients for the long-awaited opening.

The features underscoring these opulent masterpieces include:

  • Brilliant textures: Crafted by hand with a myriad of patterns, grooves, and designs
  • Unique colorations: Offering everything from cobalt frost to gold luster
  • Absolute authenticity: Staying true to traditional glassblowing techniques
  • Celebrated artist: Designed and hand-crafted by Rick Strini with 55 years of expertise

Whether you’re looking to host a high-caliber tasting, once-in-a-lifetime celebration, or casual get-together, these red stem wine glasses are here to make the most out of any event or occasion. Rest assured, the quality of each custom piece speaks for itself, bringing a sense of mastery that cannot be found on shelves.

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