Eloquent Hand Blown Glass Urns

Whether you’re honoring a spouse or a loved one, our hand blown glass urns at Strini Art Glass strike the perfect balance between quality and craftsmanship. These authentic masterpieces represent an exquisite level of care and uniqueness to serve as an everlasting celebration of life for those you cherish.

As a stunning addition to mantles, display cases, and prominent shelves alike, each glass urn brings a welcomed sense of togetherness in the absence of your loved one’s physical presence. Their simple yet distinguished design offers the versatility to serve as either a prominent centerpiece or a subtle accent piece throughout any space.

The handcrafted nature of each glass urn offers a one-of-a-kind personality that embodies the uniqueness of your loved one. As a functional home memorial, these canopy jars hold 250 cu.in. (dry measurement). They are forged using traditional glassblowing techniques, stand at 7” wide and 19” tall, and serve as a tribute to a life well lived.

Here are the features that make our hand blown glass urns truly special:

  • Crafted by hand: Forged with a level of intricacy that emulates the human spirit
  • Standard sizing: Includes a 250 cu.in. as the preferred size for a traditional urn
  • Beautifully designed: Meticulously crafted for a pristine look that serves a purpose
  • Distinguished artist: Created by Rick Strini using 55 years of glass blowing knowledge

At Strini Art Glass, we are honored by your trust in choosing our urns to commemorate your loved one.

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