Tall Diamond Stemmed Water Glasses


Hand-blown stemmed water glasses are a specialty of ours, and we take great care to ensure that they are both functional and beautiful. Each diamond stemmed glass drinking glass is a work of art, and we will work with you to customize it to your taste.

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As you explore our tall diamond water wine glasses at Strini Art Glass, you can take confidence in our artisan craftsmanship. We specialize in hand-blown stemmed water glasses, creating functional masterpieces with uncompromising care and quality. Each diamond goblet is a custom work of art tailored to your unique tastes.

Our luxurious tall diamond wine glasses are perfect for a myriad of occasions, whether that’s hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a glass of wine with friends. With their high-end design and distinct craftsmanship, these elegant wine glasses are sure to inspire.

Here are just a few of the features that make our stemmed water glasses truly special:

  • Exquisite texture: Each tall water wine glass includes a detailed diamond texture
  • Long-lasting quality: Crafted for years of celebratory and everyday use alike
  • Personalized water glasses with stem: Available in a variety of unique color combinations
  • Expertly crafted: Hand-blown by Rick Strini, a renowned artist trusted for 55+ years

Our luxury diamond wine glasses are a focal point for their stunning beauty and character. While traditional water wine glass sets are distinctly uniform, our handmade creations offer perfection through imperfection. With colors like iron gold seafoam and cobalt frost, these water glasses with stems are made to align precisely with your stylistic preferences.

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Cobalt Frost, Emerald Lemon, Iron Gold Seafoam, Iron Gold Turquoise, Lemon Frost, Pink Black Frost


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